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Cope With Hope by Nandini Sen

Saturdays With Sharmilla| Season One  | Cope With Hope

Moving Forward. Learning In Every Moment.


Sharmilla Khanna is one of my closest and dearest friends !

Our friendship is a rare gift of kindness, mutual respect, acceptance for which I am eternally grateful for.

Sharmilla is one person that I have seen who can take any situation and find a way not to get stuck in it. Her ability to see and the brighter side of any situation with Gratitude is a gift that we can all learn from!

As Robert Frost says, “In Three Words, I Can Sum Up Everything I’ve Learned About Life. It Goes On.”

A Single Event Has A Domino Effect Of Life Change


Sometimes a single event has a domino effect of life change.
Sharmilla Khanna talks about this one event that changed her life and hear where she is today!

She tells us about her short but sweet Bollywood adventure with her fan crush #amitabbachchan pressing her feet!

And about Silsila, Yashji, Amitabh, Rekha, Malavika Sangghvi Gauri Sinh and her journey to who and what she is today.
#silsila #yashchopra

This week is sugar free carb free for her !

Believe In YOURSELF! | Careers For Women At Any Age |


Sharmilla talks about starting a career at any age. It’s never too late.
All you have to do is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


Dressing for women over 50!
Celebrate me!

Casual Cool Day Look For Women

Night Out-Clothes and Make-Up

The Magical Mystery of Menopause

Marianne and Ericca talk to Sharmilla and me about their experience of Menopause.
The mystery is that this experience is unique for each woman.
Why Magical because that’s what life becomes when it’s over!

Parenting and supporting your child’s passion

Non Big Fat Indian Zoom Call Wedding | Finale Season One

Two lovely young couples tell us how they got married during quarantine/lockdown following social distancing!


Devina is a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Card Reader and Counsellor. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is a Certified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and Angel Card Reader.

She has been practicing giving Intuitive readings for over 11 years, and her sessions include motivational guidance in the areas of Career, Relationships, Marriage, Finances, or overcoming any obstacles.

Anil Sharna

My wonderful conversation with ANIL SHARMA! A Coach for All Seasons.
Anil Abhimanyu Sharma (almost 60) is based in Paris and works as a Life Coach covering Branding, Health, Cuisine & Media training. Dedicated to Ambition he has worked with leading sports people like Anita Sood (English Channel swimmer & World Champion), Eric Trochon (Michelin star French Chef) and the actors from a Steven Spielberg movie « Hundred Foot Journey

Indrani Das

Indrani says,
“Ever since a child, I have shared a deep bond with the animals around me. However, my initiation into the world of energy medicine came much later through a traumatic event. In 2010 I lost Artemis, a cat who had adopted me. She left behind her sibling Amadeus who went into the depths of depression. And the vet gave up all hope for his survival. At this time, a chance glance at a newspaper connected me with Priya Rajagopalan, an animal Reiki practitioner. It took just the first thirty minutes of Reiki to get him back to his Amadeus-self. And this was the start of my journey into the world of energy healing. Amadeus and I had met a healer who eventually became my guide and mentor and also my Reiki teacher.”